Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2020-12

We’re doing okay with the social isolating. To be honest, it’s nothing really new for us given how we live out in the boonies without much of a social circle to start with. The changes we’ve had to make was switching to homeschool – which gee, now my parents are forced to see that I can in fact homeschool Little Bear if I chose to do so – and cancelling all in-person appointments. Continue reading “Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2020-12”

Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2020-11

The state of Maine is starting to have confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Our school district as of yet hasn’t closed the schools, but did cancel all extracurricular activities by the end of the week. Little Bear is attending a different school district and I haven’t heard anything from them yet. Panic buying is happening here too.

I feel myself compartmentalizing this, which I’m sure is setting my dad off. There is nothing I can do about that when it’s my only defense against external extremes. I know I did the same thing when my nephew died but my siblings respected it while our parents went to Canada to visit the family. But I’m not going to claim and carry his fear. I can’t. I can honor and respect it, but it’s not mine to carry. Continue reading “Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2020-11”

Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2020-09

Anxiety was an issue in the first half of the week, but things eased up by the second half. Not sure why sinking myself into a creative project in Minecraft seemed to do the trick, but it did. I just like making stuff and it has been a really long time since I’ve tinkered around in there. I hope to have something to show you guys here soon. Continue reading “Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2020-09”