TGIF Chaos Rally #22

I know… I haven’t written ANYTHING in ages (okay, it’s only been a week since the last post). It’s been an odd week for my brain. Several times I’ve found myself having spent hours at my computer, but haven’t actually done anything. My browser history shows that I hadn’t looked at anything during that time and I got next to no progress done on the current music video I’ve been working on.

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Just Tired, Wishing for an Escape

Since my husband headed back to the Army, the boys have fallen back to their usual routine. For the most part they are their typical selves although the past two days or so the youngest two have been a bit crabbier than usual. My guess this is due to allergies. The golden rod is in full bloom and my parents’ fields are thick with them. I spend very little time outside and even my eyes are itching. It doesn’t help that I’m allergic to grasses too. This season is ripe for allergens and my poor boys seems to have inherited them from me. I wish that they hadn’t. It makes everyone miserable. So we’ve been inside and most likely suffering cabin fever because of it. Continue reading

Mapping My Eyes Out

Well the boys went out with Daddy again for the entire day and I stayed at my parents farting around on the computer tinkering with Minecraft maps. Yea, the entire day. Real excitement right there. Started out with WorldPainter for the first half of the day and decided I wasn’t happy with it and switched over to TerrainControl to mess with it’s random terrain generator settings. Still working on it to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I like Minecraft and I love making custom maps. I post them over at PlanetMinecraft for fellow players to download. I guess I just felt maybe I should have been out and about or something? Instead here it is 1am the following wee hours of the morning and I’m still tinkering with this same map. But I suppose this is how one manages their anxiety when they don’t want to actually deal with shit. Like husbands and presidential politics. Well, it’s how this toad does it anyway. Continue reading