TGIF Chaos Rally #22

I know… I haven’t written ANYTHING in ages (okay, it’s only been a week since the last post). It’s been an odd week for my brain. Several times I’ve found myself having spent hours at my computer, but haven’t actually done anything. My browser history shows that I hadn’t looked at anything during that time and I got next to no progress done on the current music video I’ve been working on.

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Messing Around with Vocaloid Models

No idea why this even interests me since I have never used Vocaloid, but I have come across the spin off “games” Miku Miku Dance (MMD) and Miku Miku Moving (MMM) where you can either use their premade models, modify their models (which they have given permission to do so), or create your very own models and use them to create videos with them. (I honestly thought these were games when I first heard about them, I swear, but Vocaloid is a series of digital music voice program products.)

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