Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2021-05

I honestly haven’t bothered to document anything this week. Seriously, ever since this Covid thing has started and life here has become basically just the same day in and day out within the house without going anywhere, even for appointments, it feels like there hasn’t been a point to any of it. The down side to that is I know that by not keeping track of it, my self accountability for self-care has gone down the toilet. I feel my mood shifting downward. A part of me doesn’t care while the other part knows I need to pull myself together and get my ass back into gear.

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Improving Wellness with a Sleep Diary

Our behavior every day has a direct impact on our wellness. This behavior includes the way we sleep. A lack of quality sleep each day impairs our health. Because of this, sleep is not an option. It is a critical necessity. Good sleep hygiene behavior promotes wellness. In this article, I will discuss how to use a sleep diary to identify which behaviors we need to get quality sleep.
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