Toad’s Weekly Assessment 2019-20

Not pregnant. Hypersexuality symptoms have dropped significantly. And again, it needs to be pointed out here that this particular thing is not about having a high libido. There is no such thing as a “normal libido” clinically truth be told. What defines hypersexuality is the obsession and preoccupation with sex and the abnormal behaviors that go along with it. Mine happens to be tied to my hypomanic, manic, and (occasionally) mixed states episodes. I’m not entirely convinced that I’m out of the water, but I do feel more stable than I have been in awhile. Continue reading “Toad’s Weekly Assessment 2019-20”

Toad’s Weekly Assessment 2019-12

At this point I think it’s safe to say a depressive episode is trying to hit, if it hasn’t hit already. Spring is here and the time change isn’t helping. Basic memory recall has even gone out the window. This is why routine is so important. This completely fits my usual annual pattern, sadly. No idea why my mood slides downward as the season warms up. Seriously would help for me to remember to take my meds every day, and on time. Continue reading “Toad’s Weekly Assessment 2019-12”