Ramblings – Mostly of Food

Of course my husband called the same night I posted about him not calling 5 days after the hurricane to talk to the boys but refused to talk to me. Fuck him. Pretty certain now he is watching this blog. Given the fact in one day he friended over 20 people on my list over on Facebook I don’t know why I thought it would be safe to mention this blog over there. Didn’t help the boys mentioned it over the phone either. They were excited and proud I was doing something that makes me happy so I can’t blame them. I could move the blog but what good would it do me? Nothing. Continue reading

For Once I Agree with LePage

LePage threatens to end state administration of food stamp program

Normally LePage concerns me. He does and says things that really throw me off and make me wonder about his mind. I realize being a governor is pretty stressful but I would think taking such a job requires one to keep their cool. He doesn’t and many times he does things that if I were to see in person would be more than concerning. It would be upsetting. Continue reading