Colorful Rant and Musing of a Quiet Day

Today I slept off and on from 7am to just now, which is 7pm. Dad checked in on me at one point to make sure I was alright because he hadn’t seen or heard me all day. I told him I wasn’t feeling well but I didn’t need anything. Yesterday I felt like my gut was trying to die and today I just feel wiped out even though I wasn’t able to sleep at all last night. Full on “Night Owl Mode” has been activated it would seem. Continue reading “Colorful Rant and Musing of a Quiet Day”

So Called Parental Controls

Wonderful, my father-in-law now wants to visit next week on Friday at 1pm. I asked who was coming with him and he said he didn’t know because he hadn’t talked to his daughter yet. I ought to plan for a family member to be there just in case my husband shows up with them anyway. Knowing my father-in-law he will be hours late like always as well. Anyway, moving on to other things…. Continue reading “So Called Parental Controls”