Covenant of Haven Hearth – edited again

May the light reach the darkness.
May the darkness embrace the light.
Never to be severed;
One can not be without the other.

May these gates forever open unto you.
May you be strengthened.
Come and be welcomed
Within this soul sanctuary.

May you rise within the twilight.
May you preserve the balance.
Come home to Haven Hearth
and stand as one of us. Continue reading

Just Let them Fall (Rue’s Requiem)

In solitude I stand, alone
My world is ending
My heart is breaking
My soul is dying
Barely making sense of it all

In shame I stand, alone
Joy elude me
Pain consume me
The gods abuse me
Mocking me at every turn

In silence I stand, alone
The world crash down
Around me,
The chaos subdue me
Using strength that I don’t feel

So many tears
I’ve cried in sorrow
So many tears
I’ve cried in so much regret
So many tears
I’ve cried so many tears

Let the tears fall
Let them flow
Let them cleanse my soul

Let the tears fall
Let them flow
Until I feel whole

Just let them fall . . .

Just let them fall.