Self-Reflection and Random Thoughts

Well looking at last week’s mood tracker and now looking at how this week’s mood tracker is starting out, I think it’s safe to say I am no longer sliding into hypomania. Even though last week I did miss a few doses a few days part of the days – I think 3 half days last week? – I did pretty good holding myself together. Continue reading

For Once I Agree with LePage

LePage threatens to end state administration of food stamp program

Normally LePage concerns me. He does and says things that really throw me off and make me wonder about his mind. I realize being a governor is pretty stressful but I would think taking such a job requires one to keep their cool. He doesn’t and many times he does things that if I were to see in person would be more than concerning. It would be upsetting. Continue reading

The Stumbling Gates of Ed Policy

Thank you, but all this time supposedly I’ve been the “idiot, angry fool” raging against the machine. And how dare I decide to homeschool one of my children?! How dare I consider homeschooling my other children as well?! =/

This coming from the father who taught me to see with my own eyes, to think with a critical mind, and to decide for myself. Apparently that only applies when it is in alignment with what he thinks best. Right…. sorry, it appears I have learned your lessons too well and I have been watching this mess unfold for too long….

I’m tired of fighting with the schools. I’m tired of raging against the system that never should exist in the first place. Most of all, I’m tired of watching my children being broken for the all mighty dollar. Continue reading