Setting Up an Crisis Plan for Your Child

I know I posted awhile back about setting up a crisis plan of some kind for yourself, whether it’s an Advanced Directive, a Springing Durable Power of Attorney, or just a simple family crisis plan when you have a mental illness or some other special medical need that may require hospitalization. This is especially important when you have children that will need to be cared for during that time.

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Evaluating My Current State of Wellness

My lack of motivation is a topic that is routinely brought up by both my parents ever since Little Bear was born. He is now 7 years old. Like this is a serious broken record and it’s getting old and it isn’t new. It came up back when I had postpartum depression with the other two boys too for that matter. Many times I feel like it comes up whenever I’m not doing whatever it is they want me to do. Only this time, I have no idea exactly what it is they want me to do other than be this imaginary perfect parent that no one ever is. Continue reading

The Crisis Plan

Stories like these break my heart. The system failed these people. They had loved ones, trusted people, helpful people right there trying their damnedest and giving it their all but kept hitting one road block after the next. I’m really glad and relieved that the HR 2646 Bill finally passed and allows for us to plan ahead assign our trusted people to be the ones to care for us in times of need.

The thing we need to keep in mind, this bill doesn’t govern what happens to our children when we become critically ill. So it’s really important that when we know that we’re sick and have the potential to become that ill, we have to plan ahead for the sake of our children. Continue reading