When Monday is Disguised as Friday

First thing this morning, Little Bear was upset that today was still a school day. Then as we were getting ready for the bus (5 minutes before its arrival mind you), he gets mad that he can’t find the insert for his winter coat and complained about not being able to play the “sweater game” in class today. Sorry kiddo, but this is why we have a coat rack just for you at your height. So I sent him off and waited for the phone call I knew I would be getting today.

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It was Good while it Lasted

Just got back from the school meeting about Little Bear. He’s showing signs of destabilizing affect as well as exhibiting behavior that’s suggesting hallucinations. This is why we had him screened for pediatric on-set Schizophrenia and this is why he’s under observation for Bipolar Type I.

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First Day of Public School and Other Things

Yesterday was the first day of public school and everything went well EXCEPT the bus ride home. Tuxedo Cat got on the wrong bus home from the high school so he didn’t get home until 4pm. Apparently this year there is switching of buses involved and he not only got on the wrong bus to start with, but also switched to the wrong bus at the switch point. Thankfully the bus garage people were super polite with me when I called and were right on top of it to locate which bus he was on to get him home.

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The Sucking of It All in Life Right Now

I feel like crap. Have been for the last few days – kind of like the flu type deal, but I know that isn’t what it is. I’ve had no energy and by afternoon I feel pretty dead. It sucks.

And just when I think things can’t suck anymore than they already do, I get a phone call from the school telling me that Little Bear needs to stay home from school during the two field days coming up next week. Continue reading