Nusquamton is being Rebooted

Something unexpected and interesting has come to my attention over on Scribophile. As you know my novel and the responses to it for the most part are frustrating to me. It means I’m not doing something right. Thomas isn’t resonating with anyone. And for someone like me who is emotionally driven and prefers to write emotionally driven stories, this is bad – real bad. I feel like I need to pull it off the shelves of Scrib and seriously look at what the hell I’m doing with this and perhaps reboot the entire damn thing instead of repeatedly polishing the first chapter that isn’t doing what I need and want it to do. It’s becoming a beast that isn’t my own. Continue reading

Joining Scribophile

I made my account for Scribophile two days ago. It’s an online critique group for writing. I was nervous at first, but now that people started responding to my critiques I’m feeling more confident. It’s good to see I’m not out of touch with what people are trying to do with their work – which was my biggest worry.

So far it’s been a joy to speak with fellow writers about the craft in constructive ways. The obsession over grammar and punctuation hasn’t changed with people. I don’t mind seeing it if someone states this is their final draft, but it’s not very helpful for first drafts that a writer is likely planning on changing a lot.

I’m hoping to learn from this community and maybe, just maybe, I can start posting better short stories up on my Chaos Pen blog. We’ll see. I still have a ton of work to do with my first novel and I’ve already have hand written notes for the next. So many ideas and never enough time. Ever.

Revision Notes – Concept of Layering

I feel like I’m going nuts. I don’t feel like I’ve done any kind of writing worth mentioning – not even here on the blog aside from my weekly scheduled posts like the Mood Tracker and the Chaos Rally. I don’t count that as writing exactly. Certainly not creative writing.

As for sharing what’s going on in my personal life, it’s just been broad general strokes. Life feels more or less boring since we’ve really started to settle in over here at my parents’ house. I can’t believe I’m even complaining about that and it’s asking for trouble. Seriously though I feel like I have nothing to write about other than not having anything to write about. It’s frustrating.

So while I wait on my brother to finish reading the vomit draft of the first book, my brain is insisting on developing ideas for another book. I don’t know if I should start working on that or work on something else or just what. I want to be writing and it feels weird again to not be writing.

Self Assessment of the Revision Process

Sorry I haven’t posted in the last few days. I swear I’m not dead. I’m still fighting off the head and chest cold. Doing a lot of reading and thinking. Not much rewriting or changing of the draft at this point, but a great deal of thinking. I did at least get Scholar Owl’s meds finally the other night so he’s back on track with that. So now I just need to crack the whip on myself with this and get the ball rolling here.

Reflection on Revision Progress

Finally the NaNoWriMo site has started to put stuff up for their Now What Months for the revision process. Took them long enough. Still isn’t much to look at. I guess my biggest complaint is that it’s lacking the drive and energy it has during the NaNoWriMo event. It’s like an event that doesn’t exist – I mean it does but it doesn’t. It’s here but it isn’t. If you have an account on the site, click the link to see what I mean. Continue reading