Sunday Musings

So I’m popping in because I feel like I have been doing nothing here other than lurking. That bothers me. Why is it as of late that I feel no desire to share what’s going on in my life? I’ve been using this blog like a journal and it’s been cathartic in many respects. So why the change now? Do I fear that my life is boring? Do I fear sounding repetitious? Or it is that I just lack motivation? Damned if I know. Continue reading

Self Assessment of the Revision Process

Sorry I haven’t posted in the last few days. I swear I’m not dead. I’m still fighting off the head and chest cold. Doing a lot of reading and thinking. Not much rewriting or changing of the draft at this point, but a great deal of thinking. I did at least get Scholar Owl’s meds finally the other night so he’s back on track with that. So now I just need to crack the whip on myself with this and get the ball rolling here.

Still Writing, Still Thinking, Still Alive

Just when I thought that I might have set my goals too high for NaNo with a word count 60k for my book, I received a lot of encouragement and support over at the over achievers forum at the NaNo site. No, I’m not like many of them with goals of 100k words but they were kind and uplifting. I’m still very much ahead of the game so to speak and given all I have going on, I’m actually doing well. Even with the move. I’m still doing well. I’ve located two new places that have self storage units. I just need to swing by and see if they have units available and find out their prices. Then hopefully I can make shit happen. Continue reading

A Push Back Against Keep Your Children Home Day Movement

Last week I posted about a growing movement protesting against FedEd and the Common Core known as Keep Your Children Home Day.

As I posted that I thought the timing of the school’s letter regarding attendance to be really odd. And now it’s been brought to my attention that this movement has received some push back from an unexpected source. I’m posting the link to that source not to scare or discourage anyone, but because I think you have the right to know exactly what was said before I address it. Continue reading