Tode’s Weekly Assessment #67

This week I’m tracking Little Bear’s stuff along with my stuff due to the school claiming to see symptoms of psychosis in him. Since I haven’t seen anything at home that flags as such to me, I decided to document meds and behaviors in case I’ve been missing something. I may need to change the tracker’s template down the road if this is going to become a thing. Continue reading “Tode’s Weekly Assessment #67”

When Monday is Disguised as Friday

First thing this morning, Little Bear was upset that today was still a school day. Then as we were getting ready for the bus (5 minutes before its arrival mind you), he gets mad that he can’t find the insert for his winter coat and complained about not being able to play the “sweater game” in class today. Sorry kiddo, but this is why we have a coat rack just for you at your height. So I sent him off and waited for the phone call I knew I would be getting today.

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Nightly Ramblings ~ Friday’s Report

Thank you, Leslie, for suggesting that I drop the “What I Would Have Done Differently” portion of this format. I completely agree that I shouldn’t be feeding into any maladaptive perfectionism that will only bring me down at the end of the day. Instead, I’ll try to focus on the things I’m grateful for. A boost in positivity can’t be a bad thing.

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