Setting Up an Crisis Plan for Your Child

I know I posted awhile back about setting up a crisis plan of some kind for yourself, whether it’s an Advanced Directive, a Springing Durable Power of Attorney, or just a simple family crisis plan when you have a mental illness or some other special medical need that may require hospitalization. This is especially important when you have children that will need to be cared for during that time.

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The Crisis Plan

Stories like these break my heart. The system failed these people. They had loved ones, trusted people, helpful people right there trying their damnedest and giving it their all but kept hitting one road block after the next. I’m really glad and relieved that the HR 2646 Bill finally passed and allows for us to plan ahead assign our trusted people to be the ones to care for us in times of need.

The thing we need to keep in mind, this bill doesn’t govern what happens to our children when we become critically ill. So it’s really important that when we know that we’re sick and have the potential to become that ill, we have to plan ahead for the sake of our children. Continue reading

Too Little, Too Late – Support Groups Can Sometimes Suck

Why is it that certain support groups online (not the same one I’ve talked about before, I’m in many different ones) feel like there are hateful, judgmental, and argumentative people creeping into it all the time? I suppose this is the nature of stress and parental guilt that comes with raising special needs children. So we end up feeling the need to compare ourselves and each other, constantly passing judgment in an effort to boost ourselves. Such is the nature of being human sadly and I’m no different. Continue reading

Suicidal Ideation & ASD: I Don’t Know

Today for the first time since it launched, I used Facebook’s Suicide Support Tool. Only for someone to remove the post. Now how was that helpful? Why would they remove the post that was filled with encouraging comments and support? And of course I have no idea if the poster was offered any of the supports shown in The Mighty’s tutorial article before the post was taken down. I can only hope it was the poster that decided to remove the post himself. So naturally Facebook’s Support Inbox reports back to me that the post in question had been removed before they could investigate it – HOURS after my request for assistance. To be honest I originally believed it was Facebook staff that removed the post. A part of me still does. Continue reading