Nightly Ramblings ~ Friday’s Report

Thank you, Leslie, for suggesting that I drop the “What I Would Have Done Differently” portion of this format. I completely agree that I shouldn’t be feeding into any maladaptive perfectionism that will only bring me down at the end of the day. Instead, I’ll try to focus on the things I’m grateful for. A boost in positivity can’t be a bad thing.

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Nightly Ramblings ~ Thursday Edition

I’m already wondering whether or not I like this format. It feels clinical – like my mood trackers. I acknowledge that I should be assessing my day every day, but I wish it had a more organic feel to it. Maybe I just feel that way tonight because I didn’t really do anything all day so ordinarily I wouldn’t be posting at all, so there is that advantage to this format.

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Toad’s Weekly Forecast #1

I know I’ve been sick all week last week and I know there is a good chance that my mother is being manipulative in all this. All day yesterday and the night before she’s been highly vocal about how we, as in the boys and I, – mostly me – in her weird passive-aggressive way do nothing around here. Yesterday however she became full on force with the boys – targeting Little Bear. I tried to address it but Dad stepped in and shut it down. Continue reading “Toad’s Weekly Forecast #1”