Improving Wellness with a Sleep Diary

Our behavior every day has a direct impact on our wellness. This behavior includes the way we sleep. A lack of quality sleep each day impairs our health. Because of this, sleep is not an option. It is a critical necessity. Good sleep hygiene behavior promotes wellness. In this article, I will discuss how to use a sleep diary to identify which behaviors we need to get quality sleep.
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The Common Response to Anxiety that Only Makes It Worse — HealthyPlace

Oddly enough this was a trick I had learned while in college, not directly mind you, but while study Anatomy and Physiology and learning about the Central Nervous System I came to understand how panic attacks happen. I used to have the often – like to the point I would skip lectures for fear that I would have them in class. As luck would have it, I made it to the lecture that covered this topic. It took about a year I think, but every time one started I would repeat the lecture notes in my head, tell myself I wasn’t dying, and this was normal. Eventually, they stopped happening. (Too bad it doesn’t work for migraines!) I still have anxiety, but not anywhere near as bad as I did back then thanks to this and getting treatment for my migraines, Bipolar, and PTSD.

I do like how this article refers to it as “inviting anxiety to tea as though it was a person” and really we could apply this to any symptom or emotion we have. Just accept that it’s present and real first. Then decide how to manage with that presence. Like having a house guest – even if it’s a really smelly house guest and there is a terrible storm outside so you can’t kick them out…


Our mind’s response to anxiety affects our self-esteem, sense of control, and how we see the world around us. When we experience anxiety symptoms, our feelings and thoughts get so wound up in the body’s stress response that we may want to run. We want to shed this thing that won’t leave us alone. In…

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Clutter Patrol Routine

Normally I’ve been trying to save my tool kit feature posts for Saturday but today I actually been doing some cleaning around the home! @_@ Like holy cow, how did that happen? Well let me tell you around 2am this morning I got really, really, REALLY annoyed. I was tired, it was humid, it was the middle of the night and Little Bear was just pinging off the ceiling keeping my other sons awake and nobody seemed to care that the Quiet Time Rule was in effect. And for whatever reason, it was at this point the mess of the living room just really hit me. Continue reading