Daily Draw 2022-06-15

Sorry that I missed yesterday’s entry. I had some major stuff happening with moving things out of the storage shed into the house and forgot all about it. At least that’s done finally and now the unpacking and sorting of all that needs to happen. Without further ado, here’s today’s journal writing prompt along with my corresponding journal entry. Read more for details!

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Revisiting the Topic of Hypersexuality in Bipolar

So today on Facebook I saw a post linking to Natasha Tracy’s Bipolar Burble Blog on an article about hypersexuality with the question: “Do you experience hypersexuality? What is it like for you?” and I just broke down in tears. Because yes, I do and it’s miserable and it just seems to ruin everything.

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Lancing Emotional Boils

Okay, it’s been two days of NaNo already and I’ve written nothing. Like not a damn thing.

The short story I started and tried to write last month is still staring at me like an angry specter in the closet and I even went so far as to outline a new one to jump into and… nothing.

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