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As promised in the Daily Schedule Template post, we’ll now talk about setting up the Bedtime Routine Visual Chart. Once again I have created a template file with Open Office you can download here if you’d like.

Here is what my template looks like:


It’s straightforward and simple, just the way I like it. The pictures I used are just clipart. You can find them through the office programs or right off the internet.

Once again copy and paste the name columns to equal the number of people you are tracking. Enter their names to the columns.

Now my chart looks like this:


My entire focus with getting ready for bed is dumping worry off and just letting it go. Because I know that I do NOT wake up well by any means I want to be kind to everyone by planning ahead and make the mornings easier by having everything ready the night before. I don’t want to hunt for shoes half awake. I don’t want to fight with backpacks. I don’t want to find out at the last second someone doesn’t have clean socks. I don’t want to find out I need to be somewhere that day that I had forgotten about.

So I check everyone’s schedule down the line. I write my to-do list with those schedules in mind. Then I get everything ready with that to-do list in mind. Now the baths, showers, brushing of the teeth, and getting into pajamas can happen. We can turn off the screens and unwind with a book. Check that alarm clock before we crawl into bed and just let the worries go. In theory. You know how anxiety works.

Chances are the list you wrote down for your bedtime routine doesn’t look anything like mine. That’s okay! Go ahead and customize the chart now so it matches your list. Take the time to find clip art for each item that will serve as a visual reminder at a quick glance of what needs to be done.

When you’re all done, print it off and slide it into a sheet protector. Now you have a reusable checklist that you can check the items off with a dry erase marker. A tissue, baby wipe, or even a dry eraser will wipe the sheet protector clean. Find a place to hang up this newly minted visual chart where everyone that will be using it can see it.

And that’s it. You’re done.

The only thing you might consider is whether or not to add the time for when the routine starts to the top of your chart.

I don’t because I have a certain someone that freaks out regarding times and routines if I am early or late – like even if by 5 minutes. So if you have someone that is that strict with time and they need to learn to relax, don’t put the time on your charts. However if you have someone that desperately needs to learn punctuality, then YES put the time on the chart!

Next up in the series will be the Evening Routine, so stay tuned!

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