Current Project I’ve Been Busy With

As always I’ve been busy tinkering away with things. Today I’ve just finished scanning and exporting my copy of the Shadowscapes Tarot. This makes a total of five tarot decks that I’ve converted into a 3D asset now for my custom rendering purposes.


It’s a tedious and time consuming process, but I do like having them appear exactly the same as the decks I physically own. The digital library available via the Orphalese Tarot program is nice, but what the decks look like in there greatly depends upon who scanned and exported them. Perhaps I’m too picky when it comes to the images I use for my skins and textures, but I seriously need the sizes to be uniform at the very least.

Since all you need is a scanner and a photo editor to do this, I won’t be distributing my digital tarot libraries. For one, there are copyright laws to consider and two, it honestly does take a great deal of time for me to do the work. Fair use laws allow me to use card images as references, but I can’t redistribute the decks.

I am releasing the blank tarot deck and cards assets for download on DeviantArt along with my coffee table asset for those that are interested in using them. I hope you enjoy them.

Seeming how I have five more tarot decks and one oracle deck to scan, I guess I need to get head off and get busy once again. Just wanted to pop in and give you all a quick update on something positive.

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