Do You have a Child with Bipolar?

Normally WordPress doesn’t tell me what key words people are using in their searches when they find my blog. I guess this changed with the world wide privacy updates or something. In any case, it has come to my attention this last Sunday that many people are coming to my blog looking for “Bipolar Children Blogs.”

While I’m not exactly a “Bipolar Children Blog” I am very much in a position to provide information on this topic. Officially, my blog is an online journal. Because of this, the people coming here looking for help specifically with children diagnosed with Bipolar have been underserved here for quite some time.

So why are they finding their way here?




I have Bipolar. I am a parent of a teenager diagnosed with Bipolar. I have an 8 year old diagnosed with Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, which is the pediatric diagnosis for a child they are concerned may be developing Bipolar.

Needless to say this is a topic I do discuss, but rarely do I discuss it directly. The two blog posts I have circled in the images above, Bipolar vs. ADHD vs. Both and Fear of Harm Phenotype, are the only two that I’ve posted that aren’t entirely personal posts. And these two posts are my all time popular posts – not just this past year. I have plenty to say about this topic, but I would like to tailor it to your needs.

So I’m going to sticky this post for all those parents coming here seeking answers. Ask me your questions. If I don’t know the answer I know people who do. I know where to go to find out. Whatever it is you want to know, I will take the time to write up an article about it. I was once in your position, full of questions and sick with worry, and I haven’t forgotten what it feels like. You are not alone. So please, if your search brought you to my blog let me know what you need in the comments below.


Edit 8-18-18: I removed the sticky status of this post, but my offer remains to anyone that happens to come across this and has questions for me.

If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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