Finding CreeperHost

Sometime around the Sandbox event, the only ones able to log into the server were my sons and me. This was disappointing since the primary reason I wanted to keep it running was so the boys could keep in touch with Daddy while doing something with him even though he lived so far away.

I really like the BDcraft resource pack and visit the site often. I took a look into their forums and saw they have a server running on In fact all of his downloads are stored there. Not sure about the ones other people make and post on his site, but the ones he’s made personally are.

So I took a peek at the site. At the time I was thinking 5 people at most on at any one time so I started thinking that their Silverfish package might fit the bill for us. So I started shopping around and reading reviews. Now mind you, I make a point to read about complaints rather than the praise. Somehow I feel the complaints are more telling.

There is a lot unspoken in the way a person complains about something and how the customer service responds to it. I did come across one about CreeperHost – the only one actually, but I stopped looking after this one honestly. The guy was complaining about not getting a refund for unused time after cancelling his server. He was even so kind as to post copies of the tickets. Frankly I found him to be vague and trying to squeeze through a loophole he thought he could see. The terms of service hadn’t changed from the time of his post to my window shopping and I didn’t see what he claimed to be in there.

The guy’s complaint aside, what impressed me was despite dealing with a very upset customer the one handling the ticket remained polite about the entire thing. I didn’t even pick up a rude under current in there. I don’t know maybe it was because I found the complainer to be so horribly rude that anyone would look like a saint. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the guy is a jerk. I honestly believe he felt he was justified in making the request he had and was frustrated when he didn’t receive the refund. Some people don’t handle frustration well and I think he had made some assumptions about the TOS regarding refunds.

In any case, it was because of this post I decided to give CreeperHost a try. The prices seemed fair for the server packages being offered and even though I was looking at a package that was roughly similar to the specs of my PC, I couldn’t see how it could be worse than hosting and playing on my PC at the same time.

I gave my husband a call about it. I felt that if I was going to go this route it would be best to pay for a full year in advance. That meant a larger chunk of money than I normally spend. Since he earns the check, he should at least be able to put in an opinion. He was game for it since he agreed that it would be nice to be able to keep in touch with the boys in a game they equally enjoy.

Thus the Toad Family Server was born! Although at times I think I should have named it Toad Family Zoo.

Originally published on LiveJournal. Archived here on 09/13/2019.

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