Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2023-05

Mostly uneventful week. Exceptionally cold though towards the end. Not supposed to warm back up over here until sometime Sunday, but it hit -20°F Friday night. The kitchen sink and the toilet froze up. Thankfully we still have water from the tub, so it’s just a matter of making sure pipes don’t break right now. It’s too cold at the moment to get them to completely thaw out in this old house.

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Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2023-04

This week has felt rather eventful for my otherwise repetitive routine life. Felt like a lot of errands, usually I don’t leave the house unless I really have to or I am experiencing a rather social phase. Definitely in hermit mode right now since the errands felt extra busy. And super “people-ly” if you get what I mean.

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Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2023-03

Okay, so one of the things I have an issue with – because it used to work for me but now it doesn’t – is scheduling the mood tracker to go live at a certain time. It used to be that it would motivated me to keep them filled out on time so that they wouldn’t be blank when they got posted.

The more independent my children become, the more erratic my personal routine is – much the way it had been before having children to be honest. The more I look back at my past, the more I come to realize just how much of an absent minded flake I must have really been. Kind of sheds some light on why my parents respond to me the way they do even now. To them, in their highly organized lives, I must seem terribly lost.

I was never a helicopter parent and now that the boys are teens, I’m completely comfortable with the idea of being a total and 100% free ranged one even though none of them ever really leave the house. We seem to be a herd of home bodies over here for the most part. I don’t know how that came to be but I am at least content and at peace with knowing everyone is safe doing their own thing.

In any case, I think I will keep future mood trackers as drafts from now on so that they can be posted when I’m actually ready to have them go live. This will probably mean that they will become a bit erratic, but I will try to avoid that as much as I can.

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