Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2022-26

Nothing much to report this week other than I didn’t do well in remembering to take my meds. Been working on a custom structure datapack for Minecraft Java Edition 1.19. As usual, it’s mostly just tinkering around, but lately I’ve been thinking that I should start sharing what I’ve been working on. Maybe someone will find it just as interesting as I do.

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Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2022-25

It’s been a long week, mostly of me tinkering away at a Minecraft Java Edition datapack for version 1.19. I’ve also been playing Monster 1 DX on Steam, which has been a blast from the past for me.

A part of me feels like I should be addressing the topic of Roe vs. Wade being overturned, but what exactly could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said? It happened in a country where one of our biggest tenets that we were taught growing up is that church is separate from state. Apparently this isn’t true. It doesn’t matter that I grew up Christian or what I believe now. I don’t have any right to impose my spiritual beliefs upon anyone else. That’s why the first colonies of our country were formed. Freedom of religion. Our country was born from this. Yet now, we’re imposing one religious belief upon everyone.

We are not the country we claim to be. This is not a debate. We cannot say we have freedom of religion if our laws are based upon one religion. We cannot say we have separation of church and state if our laws are based upon any religion.

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